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    Brandon Locascio

    Everything I touch turns to SOLD!

    For the last 23 years I've called Las Vegas my home. Since 1994 I've grown up with this city, and it has been nothing short of amazing to behold. Where I currently live and often work was simply desert as far as the eyes could see. New communities, schools and businesses have flourished in the surrounding areas allowing Las Vegas to be a platform of growth. I've always had a fascination with the city itself. Which is one of the many reasons I decided to apply my talents towards my passion in this industry.

    I stay on top of all the local trends.
    With the recent additions of our NHL team the Golden Knights and our newly announced NFL acquisition the Raiders; Las Vegas is once again proving its dedication to its residents by making our little valley feel larger than life as it continues to amaze through generations of change.
    These changes drive demand.
    Our market is at record lows in regards to supply. We can generate the traffic needed to create competition for your commodity.
    We can also help you win that competition.

    My level of dedication to our clients and this city, along with my passion for helping others is the reason why I do what I do.
    With over 11 years of award winning face to face customer service in the wireless industry I decided to take take a page out of the Las Vegas playbook and grow. I am honored to join one of the highest ranking local Real Estate groups in Las Vegas with Signature Real Estate and The McGuire Group. Your needs, wants, and dreams are my priority in every step of the way - from start to finish. My meticulous attention to detail and maximum effort will put us in the drivers seat in any transaction. Let me make your dreams a reality and lets take a journey together to find your place to grow. We will even help you plant the seed. Just remember me when you know what you need.

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    Brandon Locascio
    Signature Real Estate Group
    9525 Hillwood Dr #180
    Las Vegas, NV 89134
    Fax: 702-240-3875

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