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    Unusual and Genius Moving Hacks

    By Shawn M. Preston | March 13, 2017

    I’ve never met anyone who thinks that moving is easy or fun. If you are beginning a move, you may be tempted to start throwing items in boxes or, if you’re like me, you have boxes stashed that you haven’t gone through in years. Of course there are tricks to making moving easier; using a... Read More

    Terms To Know Before You Call Your Real Estate Agent

    By Shawn M. Preston | February 28, 2017

    It goes without saying that buying or selling a home can be stressful. It can be even more stressful if you feel like your real estate agent is speaking Greek to you! Via, we’ve complied what we think are some of the most common terms that agent use during a real estate transaction. Becoming... Read More

    Get Outdoors, Las Vegas!

    By Shawn M. Preston | February 13, 2017

    Las Vegas- The Gateway to Great Recreation Whether you have lived in Las Vegas for 20 years or are just visiting for a holiday, you may not realize the outdoor recreational options in our area. In fact, Las Vegas is the gateway to 7.2 million acres of public lands that are beautiful and ready to be... Read More

    Tax Season- A Few Things You May Have Forgotten

    By Shawn M. Preston | February 7, 2017

    Ugh, tax season. If you are like me, you vow every year to get your tax information submitted to your tax professional in a timely and organized manner. If you are like me, what usually happens is procrastination and some amount of confusion when it comes to compiling the information. Amazingly, I have already started... Read More

    What Exactly Is An HOA?

    By Shawn M. Preston | January 24, 2017

    If you are house hunting, you have undoubtedly heard the term “Home Owner’s Association”.  You may be confused about what HOAs are, and may have even heard both good and bad reviews of buying a home within an HOA community. Not all HOAs are the same, and the benefits and drawbacks of an HOA will be... Read More

    Securing Your Home During The Holidays

    By Shawn M. Preston | December 5, 2016

    The holiday season is filled with family, friends, celebrations, and good food. Unfortunately, it can also be filled with a packed to-do list and crazy schedules, leaving home security as a last in your mind. With instances of burglaries increasing nationally during the month of December (interesting CNN article here) there are some thoughtful things... Read More

    Giving Thanks

    By Shawn M. Preston | November 21, 2016

    “Gratitude is the sign of noble souls” ~Aesop Like most, I am reflecting on the blessing in my life this week. There are many; my family, the health of my children, my friends and professional partners, and the opportunities that I have to grow my business. I am filled with gratitude. In that spirit, I... Read More

    A Virtual Assistant For Your Real Estate Business?

    By Shawn M. Preston | November 7, 2016

    Today: I’m a Rock Star! Tomorrow: I can’t keep up! Some days I am a professional rock star. I have my paperwork done, calls returned, and am hyper-focused on the work that will make the most impact in my business. Other days I can’t find my car keys, I get stuck in the weeds of... Read More

    Real Estate Agent Vacations: Tips For Taking Time Off

    By Shawn M. Preston | October 26, 2016

    My wife and I recently took a four-day vacation to Napa, California. We booked the trip months ago, and were looking forward to some relaxation. Of course I had my cell phone and laptop with me, but I didn’t anticipate working unless I absolutely needed to. Unfortunately, I needed to. I had a very difficult... Read More

    Preparing Your Home For Winter

    By Shawn M. Preston | October 10, 2016

    It is that time of year when we start looking toward cooler weather. In the Las Vegas area that rarely means extended periods of icy, wintry weather. However, there are still a small number of things that you can and should do to prepare your home to be more safe and energy efficient during the cold... Read More