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Preparing Your Home To Sell- 6 Easy Tips

Preparing your home to sell, Shawn M. Preston, Preston Group, Signature Real Estate Group, Brandon Roberts


When you place your home on the market you want it to sell quickly and for the right price. In an active market, you and your real estate agent will want to do everything you can to attract buyers, and remove any reason for potential buyers not to love your home. If the thought of major repairs or renovation makes you cringe, don’t worry- preparing your home to sell can be accomplished with a few simple but high-impact steps.

Odors- Remove all odors. Items such as air fresheners and cat boxes should be removed, and strong smelling foods should be avoided. If the smell of smoke or spicy cooking has permeated your home you may need to replace carpet, deodorize furniture, or repaint walls. Don’t try to cover up bad smells with new smells- your home should be scent-free.Preparing your Home to Sell, Selling, Real Estate, Las Vegas, Shawn M. Preston, Preston Group, Signature Real Estate Group, Brandon Roberts

Pets- Remove all pets and pet items from your home. Potential buyers may be sensitive about pet dander or maybe cautious of pet wear-and-tear. Remove Fido’s bed and toys and ensure that all pet hair is removed from furniture and carpet.

Preparing your home to sell, jewelry, personal items, real estate, selling, Las Vegas, Shawn M. Preston, Preston Group, Signature Real Estate Group, Brandon RobertsValuables/Personal Items- Remove or secure all valuables and personal items. Items such as jewelry, small electronics, and prescription drugs may be susceptible to theft. Also, remove all family photos so your potential buyer can begin to think of your house as their own.

Declutter– Remove any large or unnecessary pieces of furniture and personal items, as well as straighten closets and cupboards. Decluttering your home can make rooms feel larger, and removing personal items can help potential buyers imagine themselves living in the space. It is also a good idea to remove all seasonal decorations before listing.

Repairs- Complete any necessary repairs. Repairing items such as leaky faucets, grungy air filters, and missing light bulbs can go a long way to showing potential buyers that your home was well maintained. Be sure to repair any pet or child damage and stains.

Clean- Inside and out! Ceiling fans, baseboards, oven, carpets. Weed flower beds and wash windows. Your home should be in move-in-ready condition.

Don’t forget that your house needs to be “ready to show” at all times- you never know when your buyer is going to walk through the door. Your work and availability may be a little inconvenient, but it will be worth it!

Preston Group is here to guide clients through the process of completing a real estate transaction. We have over 10 years experience in the Las Vegas real estate market and are ready to help you with your real estate needs. Call Shawn M. Preston at 702.350.2289.

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